My name is Pouneh and I am going to teach people how to heals yourself and others. If you or someone you know would like more information about natural healing, for any symptoms mental and physical symptoms, Here you will find new science regarding the purpose of life, our responsibilities, and why we are here on Earth. If you are someone who deals with things like chronic pain, depression, cancer, ms, mental health, or other bothersome symptoms, this is for you. I am a master beyond healing from the teacher who is in-lighted so I will teach you how to be happy, healthy, and successful in your life.  I am looking forward to offering classes. In this class, you can have an experience of healing and calmness. Please share this with anyone you know who needs help and let me know if you have any questions. 

I am the Master of interuniversalism, 

Definition of Faradarmani:

Fara=beyond, Darmani=healing (Persian language)

One of the several Halghehs that have been introduced by Master Taheri. Faradarmani itself is a Halgheh that connects the individual to Interuniversal Consciousness with the purpose of wellness.

Faradarmani is the first course of Erfan Halgheh offered by Interuniversalism. In this course, you will get introduced to Interuniversal Consciousness and other basic concepts of Erfan Halgheh. 

After this basic understanding and receiving the appropriate Halgheh, you will be able to start healing yourself and others

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